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Empower your online business with our comprehensive Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, CFO, and Tax services, positioned for growing businesses looking to scale.

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Some of the businesses we’ve supported over the years

Who We Are

Your outsourced finance department that you can plug-and-play into your business.

We’re more than your outsourced finance team – we’re your growth partner. Our diverse, tech-savvy team is dedicated to propelling your business.

With one eye always on the future and your business goals, we offer strategic guidance, not just basic bookkeeping and tax compliance.

It’s always about you. We listen, understand, and deliver what you need to thrive. And then spring into action to help your business succeed.

Why We’re Different

There’s a reason that we are highly acclaimed by our clients

Expert Industry Specialization

Scalable & Flexible Systems

Local Expertise, Global Reach

Highly Tech-Forward

Tailored Solutions

Proactive Planning

Transparent Pricing

Data-Driven Decisions

5 Star Rated on Google

What We Do

Decades of bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and business advisory experience all under one roof.


Cloud Bookkeeping

Embrace the future of bookkeeping with our cutting-edge cloud solutions. Meticulous and secure, our services free your time and empower your business growth.


Simplify payroll with our expert cloud-based services, ensuring accurate and on-time payments while handling deductions and compliance.

Sales Taxes (Canada and USA)

Simplify your sales tax compliance in Canada and the USA with our comprehensive solutions. Effortlessly navigate complex regulations, stay updated on thresholds and Nexus rules, ensuring seamless adherence to tax requirements.

Corporate and Personal Tax Returns

Enjoy compliance, precision, and peace of mind through our Corporate and Personal Tax services. Our experts handle tax preparation meticulously, ensuring error-free compliance.

Financial Statements

Gain clear insights into your financial health with our precise financial statement preparation and analysis. Our detailed financial statements provide a comprehensive view of your business’s performance.

Strategic Tax Planning

Beyond regular tax planning, our strategic tax planning services are designed to help you maximize tax efficiency while considering long-term financial goals. 

Virtual CFO & Advisory

Elevate your business with our Virtual CFO & Advisory services. Benefit from experienced financial leadership and strategic guidance, minus the full-time CFO cost. 

Accounts Payable Management

Streamline your accounts payable processes, optimize cash flow, and enhance vendor relationships with our accounts payable management solutions. 

Who We Work With

We specialize in a small number of industries with unparalleled expertise.

eCommerce or Online Sellers

We’re your e-commerce accounting experts, mastering major platforms, payment gateways, and global sales tax rules. With valuable insights from our team, you can confidently scale your online business to new heights and have trust in your numbers.

SaaS or Tech Startups

We specialize in measuring SAAS metrics like MRR, Burn rate, Churn rate, and CAC, providing financial clarity to scale your startup. Our services, including Virtual CFO, Advisory, and Tax Planning, support your startup’s journey from launch to exit.

Creative Agencies and Influencers

For Creative Agencies and Influencers, we are able to capture project-based profits, identify margins, and streamline automation. We help you manage complex invoicing, receiving payments in multiple currencies and ensuring that you are charging the correct sales taxes.

For Influencers, we help you capture sponsorship and royalties revenue accurately and help monitor the growth of your business.

Not one of the above industries? No problem!

We can potentially customize our services to fit your needs. Reach out to our team to discuss.

Effortless integration with top-notch platforms and tools

We seamlessly integrate with your accounts to save time, provide better accuracy, and keep your books up to date at all times. So, you can focus on building your business.


Why Choose Think Accounting?

1. Year-Round Tax Strategy

Our proactive tax planning keeps your finances in check, ensuring you’re always ahead of tax changes.

2. Insightful Financial Reporting

We provide comprehensive data-driven reports, so you can make informed decisions with confidence.

3. Strategic CFO Advisory Services

Our strategic CFOs are your partners in growth, offering expert guidance to optimize your financial strategy.

4. Seamless Multi-Currency Transactions

Efficiency through automation and cloud solutions, transforming your financial management for the digital age.

5. Peace of Mind

Our services offer more than just financial management. We provide peace of mind with CRA liaison and audit protection, ensuring your financial security.

6. Responsive and Personalized Customer Service

We’re dedicated to meeting your unique needs, providing timely and personalized support.

7. Online Sales Tax Management

We navigate the complexities of e-commerce tax rules, ensuring compliance and minimizing liabilities.

8. Customizable Service Packages

Whether you’re a Startup or an upcoming unicorn, our tailored solutions are designed to fit your business like a glove.

9. Data Security

Your financial data is our priority. We’re committed to safeguarding your information with the highest level of security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an online accountant for my business?

An online accountant can be a great choice for your business if you value convenience, efficiency, and staying up-to-date with the latest in your industry. With virtual meetings and paperless transactions, an online accountant can save you time and streamline your accounting processes.

How safe is online accounting?

Online accounting is safe and secure with encryption and authentication protocols in place to protect sensitive data. Think Accounting uses strong security measures, such as online portals, to ensure that your financial information is always safe.

What are the benefits of using online/virtual accountants?

Online/virtual accountants offer benefits such as accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and real-time financial data. They can provide financial advice, bookkeeping, and tax services from anywhere, making it easy for businesses to manage their finances.

Why choose Think Accounting over others?

Think Accounting offers personalized service, expertise, and competitive pricing. Our team has specialized knowledge of your industry and we genuinely care to see our business-owner clients succeed. Don’t take our word for it. Check out our Google Reviews.

What Services does Think Accounting offer?

Our primary offering is the core service package of Bookkeeping, Payroll, Monthly Reporting, Sales Tax, Corporate Tax and Personal Tax. 

In addition to the core services, we offer Advisory Services that could be before you start (i.e. Business Plans), or ongoing (i.e. Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting, Business Model building, Annual Tax Planning or Restructuring), or post-exit advisory (M&A advisory, Tax Structure for Exit).

Who is Think Accounting’s ideal customer?

Our ideal customer is a growth-minded business owner who sees value in the accounting and tax work as an important tool to enable their decision-making. We work with most industries, but have developed specialized knowledge in E-Commerce, Startups, Creative Agencies and Medical Practices.

How experienced is the team at Think Accounting?

Our team comprises CPAs and CPA Students who are experts in the fields of Cloud Accounting Technology, Bookkeeping, Tax Compliance, Advanced Tax Planning and Advisory. Our non-CPA team of Administrative and Payroll professionals are as important as our CPA team.

Are you/your team licensed or certified?

Yes, Think Accounting is registered with CPA Canada and CPA Ontario. Our CPAs and CPA Students are also registered members of the CPA body of Canada and Ontario in good standing.

Do you have an office that clients can visit?

We have an office in Mississauga, Ontario. However, the primary purpose of the office is for our team to gather every now and then. On rare occasions we may meet with clients in our office. Otherwise, our preference is to meet virtually because most of our team works completely from home.

Are you able to support a business which operates both online and offline?

We work with businesses whether they are an online startup or e-commerce business or a main-street restaurant, as long as they are able to work with us digitally. We do not accept paper receipts, etc. as source documents. We set up online systems and train our “offline” clients to ensure that they are set up for success with us.