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Small Business Accounting Solutions

Tech-driven solutions that make small businesses bigger

As a small business owner, your time and budget are being stretched to the max. Tax rates change, labour costs are rising, and cash flow is getting harder to maintain. On top of that, every industry is being disrupted by technology and dire financial news.

With the business world changing so rapidly, your best chance at success in having a partner in your corner providing you with cloud-based accounting solutions that actually help you make more money.

Think Accounting specializes in using cutting-edge technology that puts real-time data at your fingertips, efficiently handles your business tax filings, and streamlines your entire backend financial systems that keep your business running smoothly.

Do more of what you love, while we do what we love – accounting!

Robust Technology That Drives Results

We use cutting-edge technology to create imaginative, easy-to-use solutions that make running your business easier by putting key financial insights at your fingertips that can help make decisions that increase profits.

Our solutions go beyond simple bookkeeping, and extend into payroll processing, budgeting and forecasting, tax planning, and more. Download customized reports to make informed business decisions, automate payroll, and track your cash flow with a robust solution that seamlessly integrates your entire financial infrastructure into one place.

Services Included With a Think Accounting Start-Up and Technology Solution

Every accounting need is different. We’ll take an in-depth look at your organization, learn about your goals, and develop customized, best-fit cloud solutions to help your business get there.

  • System setup, training and support
  • Create customized bookkeeping workflows
  • Cloud bookkeeping and accounting services
  • Sales Tax returns across Canada
  • Financial Statements
  • Business tax returns
  • Cash flow management
  • Expense tracking
  • Payroll processing
  • Budgets and financial projections

Solutions That Grow With You – All Year Round

We create high-tech, agile solutions made for small businesses that are designed to pivot to changes or growth over time. Plus, our team of professional accountants is available to answer all of your questions, providing exceptional customer service and a genuine commitment to helping your business grow.

We’re there for you all year round, not just at tax time. Consider us your trusted business partner who shares your passion for success!

Ed Masood

I retained the service of Thinking Accounting last year when I was purchasing my first business. Varun Sehgal came highly recommended by few of the reputable brokerage firms. In my first meeting, I could tell this is the company/individual I could trust with my purchase. I highly recommend think accounting as a valued partner.

Amanda/Alex Zanette

Think Accounting & Consulting is an efficient, reliable and very honest company that I have ever dealt with. As an educator I rely on honesty and integrity. In a very short period of time, after moving my business to Think Accounting, I have been able to go back and have my taxes re-assessed with very positive results. I strongly recommend Think Accounting for your personal taxes as well as your business taxes. You will not be disappointed.

Angus W. Ryer

Think Accounting lives up to their namesake. They’re supportive of small businesses like mine, but have the horsepower for large businesses alike. Thanks Think!

Charlyn Asher

I used Think Accounting to purchase my company, the service exceeded my expectations. I have been a client now for the past two years. The accountants are very knowledgeable, they answer all my questions in a timely manner. Special Thank you to Varun for all your help.

THINK Approach

Discovery Call

We schedule a meeting or phone call to learn all about your business, ask pertinent questions, and listen to your needs.

Create a Customized Plan

After making a thorough assessment of your unique needs, we’ll begin developing a customized action plan with pricing clearly outlined.


We set up the systems and workflows, connect your solution to your accounting apps and connect you with a Think Accounting team member.


With deadlines and deliverables clearly identified on our end so your business is always compliant with CRA. You’ll also receive ongoing proactive strategies from our experts.

Small Business Accounting Solutions in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and across Canada

Find out why more and more companies are using Think Accounting for tax-efficient accounting strategies and business advice that’s optimized for growth. Contact us today for a free consultation!


Do you provide customized accounting Services or Solutions based on the nature of business?

Absolutely. Each industry is unique and within each industry, each business is unique. For e.g. E-Commerce Accounting is very different from Creative Agency Accounting. We have separate processes in-house for different industries that we follow to deliver our services. We build our scope of work and deliver on that scope customized to your business, instead of using a cookie-cutter approach.

Do you provide Bookkeeping-only services (that is, if I already have a year-end accountant)?

In rare circumstances, yes. However, majority of the time, we provide a full-service package service that includes Bookkeeping, Financial Statements, Tax Returns, and, if applicable, Payroll.

Do you provide Year-End-only services (that is, if I already have a Bookkeeper)?

Yes, we do. We prefer that you have a professional bookkeeper taking care of your books and bank accounts are reconciled. If you as a business owner do your own bookkeeping, we will first need to review your bookkeeping before giving a fee quote for year-end scope of work.

Do you provide Audited or Reviewed financial statements?

No. We provide Compilation Engagement Financial Statements (previously called NTR or Notice To Reader). For your Audited or Reviewed Financial Statement needs, we are able to connect you with firms in our network.

Which Industries do you work with?

Although we work with most industries, we have specialized knowledge of clients in the E-Commerce, Startups, Medical and Creative Agencies space.

Do you provide Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Services?

We provide Accounts Payable services on a monthly frequency basis. We’ll setup a paperless workflow for you to provide all bills to be paid, and set up a payment platform for you. After that, we’ll follow a once-a-month process to schedule bills to be paid for the month.

We do not provide Accounts Receivable (Cash Collection) services.

Do you help with Advanced Tax Planning (Reorganization of Corporate Structure, Estate Planning, etc.)?

Absolutely! It’s one of the ways we add tremendous value to our clients. Our Advanced Tax Planning work is structured as follows:

  • Discovery Call – To gather a high-level background and understand your goals and objectives.
  • Phase 1 – To assemble all detailed background, tie the tax research to your specific situation, design the solution and steps for your reorganization, and present you with the solution(s).
  • Phase 2 – Implementation of Phase 1, which incudes coordination with lawyers and business valuators. We summarize all of the work performed in a detailed Memo for you and your advisors.