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Tax Returns & Financial Statements

Corporate Tax Returns, Tax Planning and Financial Statements

At Think Accounting, we offer corporate accounting, tax return and financial statements preparation services for Canadian businesses. Our team of CPAs works with you to provide proactive tax planning and optimize your tax situation for the long-term.

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Tax Returns & Financial Statements that Gives You Peace of Mind

From corporate tax filings to GST/HST, PST returns, we provide clear communication, efficient filing, and timely financial reporting.

Additionally, we offer tailored financial statements and optional tax planning to maximize profits and help you achieve your business goals. Count on Think Accounting for expert assistance, proactive advice and peace of mind.

Corporate Tax Returns

Maximize your tax savings and ensure compliance with our expert corporate tax return preparation services. Our team of experienced tax professionals specializes in Canadian tax regulations, making sure your business takes advantage of every available deductions and credits.

We keep the process transparent and ensure you stay one step ahead of the tax liabilities before they come due! Stay tax-efficient and stress-free with our tailored solutions.

Economic Nexus Canadian ECommerce
Economic Nexus Canadian ECommerce

Tax Planning

Strategize for financial success with our comprehensive tax planning services. Our Canadian tax experts will work closely with your business to create a personalized tax strategy that optimizes your financial position.

From minimizing tax liabilities to identifying growth opportunities, we’ll help you navigate the complexities of the tax landscape.

Financial Statements

Gain valuable insights into your business’s financial health through accurate and reliable financial statements.

Our dedicated team prepares detailed reports that comply with Canadian accounting standards, enabling you to make informed decisions and present a clear picture of your company’s performance. Trust our expertise for financial transparency and credibility.

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THINK Approach

Discovery Call

We schedule a meeting or phone call to learn all about your business, ask pertinent questions, and listen to your needs.

Create a Customized Plan

After making a thorough assessment of your unique needs, we’ll begin developing a customized action plan with pricing clearly outlined.


We set up the systems and workflows, connect your solution to your accounting apps and connect you with a Think Accounting team member.


With deadlines and deliverables clearly identified on our end so your business is always compliant with CRA. You’ll also receive ongoing proactive strategies from our experts.


Our certified bookkeepers provide full backend support for your everyday bookkeeping duties, including online transaction management and A/R and A/P processing. Online chat functionality allows you to track bookkeeper tasks and chat instantly and quickly download reports through an easy-to-use client portal.


Our cloud payroll solution includes direct deposit services for both employees and independent contractors on schedule, and allows for adjustments for weekends and holidays. Our solution will also provide completed T4 slips for all employees, as well as quarterly and annual tax payments and filings completed and submitted on time.


Cloud solutions allow us to monitor your tax situation throughout the year, enabling us to provide real-time tax advice when necessary. At tax time, we’ll process your entire return with unparalleled speed and accuracy, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time or contract accountant.

Financial Statements

Your Think Accounting Advisor will closely monitor your financial statements, ratios, and the overall financial health of your business so you can make informed business decisions. We’ll also keep track of any trends that need addressing for the continued health of your business. At tax time, count on us to provide fully customizable reports and analysis.

THINK Insights

Check out the latest articles from our CPA team, focusing on providing the most relevant accounting and tax advice for individuals, families, and businesses.

What Is A Business Meal?

What Is A Business Meal?

Business Meal Under the Canadian Income Tax Act and CRA's interpretations, a business meal is considered deductible if it meets the following criteria: Purpose: The meal is purchased for a clear business reason, such as meeting with...

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Do you provide customized accounting Services or Solutions based on the nature of business?

Absolutely. Each industry is unique and within each industry, each business is unique. For e.g. E-Commerce Accounting is very different from Creative Agency Accounting. We have separate processes in-house for different industries that we follow to deliver our services. We build our scope of work and deliver on that scope customized to your business, instead of using a cookie-cutter approach.

Do you provide Bookkeeping-only services (that is, if I already have a year-end accountant)?

In rare circumstances, yes. However, majority of the time, we provide a full-service package service that includes Bookkeeping, Financial Statements, Tax Returns, and, if applicable, Payroll.

Do you provide Year-End-only services (that is, if I already have a Bookkeeper)?

Yes, we do. We prefer that you have a professional bookkeeper taking care of your books and bank accounts are reconciled. If you as a business owner do your own bookkeeping, we will first need to review your bookkeeping before giving a fee quote for year-end scope of work.

Do you provide Audited or Reviewed financial statements?

No. We provide Compilation Engagement Financial Statements (previously called NTR or Notice To Reader). For your Audited or Reviewed Financial Statement needs, we are able to connect you with firms in our network.

Which Industries do you work with?

Although we work with most industries, we have specialized knowledge of clients in the E-Commerce, Startups, Medical and Creative Agencies space.

Do you provide Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Services?

We provide Accounts Payable services on a monthly frequency basis. We’ll setup a paperless workflow for you to provide all bills to be paid, and set up a payment platform for you. After that, we’ll follow a once-a-month process to schedule bills to be paid for the month.

We do not provide Accounts Receivable (Cash Collection) services.

Do you help with Advanced Tax Planning (Reorganization of Corporate Structure, Estate Planning, etc.)?

Absolutely! It’s one of the ways we add tremendous value to our clients. Our Advanced Tax Planning work is structured as follows:

  • Discovery Call – To gather a high-level background and understand your goals and objectives.
  • Phase 1 – To assemble all detailed background, tie the tax research to your specific situation, design the solution and steps for your reorganization, and present you with the solution(s).
  • Phase 2 – Implementation of Phase 1, which incudes coordination with lawyers and business valuators. We summarize all of the work performed in a detailed Memo for you and your advisors.

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